The farmers’ market moves inside for the holidays


The Downtown Winter Farmers’ Market in Des Moines has become something of a love-hate tradition in my family. These market events happen every year just before Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I love them because you can pick up yummy stuff and fun gifts for the holidays – but I hate them because they are so crowded you can barely move.

Unlike the normal Downtown Des Moines Farmers’ Market that’s held in the Court Avenue District from May through October, the winter market is located inside Capital Square and Kaleidoscope at the Hub. The indoor location prevents the dog jams of the outdoor market, but is extra congested because of the narrow hallways.


I went to the Thanksgiving market yesterday and managed to survive. Farmers, bakers, and crafters were out in force, offering jams and jellies, root vegetables, honey, bread, pastries, meat, eggs, birdhouses, hand-knitted caps and scarves, greenery, wine, carved wooden Santas, jewelry, cheese, salsa, soap, popcorn, granola, nut butters, teas, cookies, pies, and a ton of other stuff.

I bought bags of popcorn, an acorn squash, an almond croissant, a jar of jelly, a chunk of artisanal cheese, and a few packets of those handy mixes to make dips and cheese balls.


If you missed this market, you still have another chance: The next one will be held Dec. 15-16 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the same location. I’ll probably be there.



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