The Bridges of Madison County


Hogback Bridge

Apparently I need to read my own blog before I revisit some of my favorite places in Iowa.

Case in point: My daughter Katie and I took a trip last weekend to Madison County to see the famous covered bridges. I’ve seen all six before, and I blogged about visiting a few of them in the fall of 2011.

Here’s part of what I wrote:

“I started my journey by taking Exit 104 off I-80 about 20 miles west of Des Moines. That led to a long and gravel-y drive to the first bridge: Hogback. (If I do this again, I will take Hwy. 169 off I-80, which provides a more direct route to the bridge. This is what I get for following the tourist map.)”

I laughed when I read this – AFTER we did the EXACT SAME THING last Sunday. Totally missed the turn for the Hogback bridge and ended up going way out of our way to the Roseman Bridge first, which was not our intent.


Roseman Bridge

But everything turned out fine. We found all six bridges without getting seriously lost at any point. We had a dandy picnic at the gazebo near the Cedar Bridge. We enjoyed a break in the summer heat wave we experienced all last week.


Cedar Bridge

Here are photos of the remaining bridges:


Cutler-Donahoe Bridge


Holliwell Bridge


Imes Bridge


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  1. simonsaystravel0707 on

    I will be visiting Iowa in May of 2018 and I’m starting to look at things to do. Thanks for this post! Pictures are gorgeous. I can’t wait to add this state to my list since I want to get to all 50!

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