Happy 4th of July!

There’s an endless array of activities this holiday weekend. I decided to stay close to home and go to the Fourth of July parade in Ames this morning. I’m pretty sure every man, woman, and child in Ames was there. The closest available parking place was on 11th Street.

My daughter Katie and her dog Charley accompanied me to the parade. We definitely should have worn sunscreen and brought bottled water. We were not prepared. Charley was very excited, since this was her first parade. She loved it when all the little kids came up and played with her. Then the parade started and all the kids went to the curb to be ready for Tootsie Rolls to be thrown. So Charley decided to take a nap under a parked car.

It was a nice parade, but I’m baffled by some of the entries. A snowplow? Why?

I liked the kids and the bands the best. And, of course, Cy.



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