Day 8: Todi

If you’ve never heard of Todi, you’re not alone. Before I got my Portrait of Italy itinerary, I had never heard of it, either. It’s in Umbria, and it’s an ancient city on a hilltop surrounded by lush, fertile ground. The city is small – we figure we can walk pretty much anywhere in about 10 minutes from our central hotel location – but there’s a fair amount of traffic, a good selection of shops and restaurants, churches, banks, historic sites, and the like. Some of the city’s history dates back to the 1st century BC. So it’s a pretty cool place to be.

We started our day with, well, breakfast, and after that with a walking tour of the town. This is the first day that we have not, at any point, gotten onto a bus or other public transportation. Everything was on foot. I like that. We visited a couple of churches, took in a few scenic overlooks, and went to the local historical museum.

After that we had a free afternoon, during which I posted a couple of blogs and checked my email, ate gelato, walked up 150 steps to the top of one of the churches’ bell towers for a spectacular view of the city and surrounding area, did a little shopping (but didn’t actually buy anything), drank a beer, and then relaxed for a little while before most of our group went to dinner together.

This was another one of those dinners that lasts forever and includes a lot of wine. It was a lot of fun, and some folks in our group ordered brave foods like wild boar. I had a cheese pizza. But it was a really good cheese pizza.


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