Botanical Blues

What could be better on a cold, snowy January day than listening to live blues in a tropical rainforest?

For two hours each Sunday this winter, it’s possible to forget you’re in central Iowa at the Des Moines Botanical and Environmental Center’s “Botanical Blues” series. The series is held every Sunday through the end of February, from 1-3 p.m. Ticket price is the same as the Botanical Center entrance fee: $5 for adults.

The Botanical Center is a tropical paradise inside a dome made up of 665 triangular plexiglass panels within an aluminum frame. The dome, built in 1979, houses all manner of tropical plant life including palms, banana plants, rubber trees, orchids, and hibiscus. It’s warm and lush enough to make you forget about winter for awhile.

Yesterday’s blues concert featured Brad “bebad” McCloud and “The Bear,” a duo who entertained the crowd with a nice mix of original songs and classics from the likes of Muddy Waters.

Adding to the idyllic environment is the opportunity to purchase beer and wine in the adjacent Riverwalk Café and bring it to your seat. Paradise!

The Botanical and Environmental Center is located at 909 Robert D. Ray Drive, just east of the Des Moines River in downtown Des Moines.



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