Happy Howl-O-Ween

With no little kids in the house these days, and no grandkids yet, Halloween does not interest me very much right now. I used to sew the kids’ costumes and decorate the house and buy lots of candy and carve jack-o-lanterns, but not anymore. And since Halloween and Iowa State’s Homecoming fell on the same weekend, that was one more reason to ignore the holiday.

I did, however, find one fun Halloween-y thing to do. Katie and I took Charley (my new grandpuppy) to the Ames Dog Park for the first annual Parks and Recreation Howl-O-Ween costume party.

Charley was the cutest little pink butterfly you ever saw. There were lots of other dogs there, dressed as bees and corn on the cob and pirates and cowboys and little ballerinas — all sniffing each other madly.


Some big dogs (on the other side of the fence) came dressed up, too, although it’s not so easy to get a 100-pound dog in a tutu.

Happy Halloween!


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